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Each week I’ll have anything new to master or an easy project to make.


(There it’s still standard threads and courses mixed in too.) Most of the debate and tasks calls for using sewing machines. There would have been a several hand sewing posts, but I will be focusing largely on sewing with a machine. You’ll know it’s the main Sewing 101 Line since you’ll see this cool logo. (above)

Nowadays I’ll start off the line speaing frankly about anything very simple:

Getting to know your sewing machine.
Every sewing machine is significantly diffent, but the same.

Think of it just like a car. You may get a used one, an classic one, your standard product, the top of the line luxurious model or something among – perfect for the family. They all get you from A to N (I mean sew), but they also have different functions, top speeds, and experience various as you sew with them. And yes, just like a vehicle, certain machines are built a lot better than others.

You never need a extravagant machine to start. Something simple may work. Learn what you need and you can generally upgrade later.

The 2 (working) sewing models I’ve within my home are extremely basic. A Singer Self-confidence 7470 and a Janome Hi Pet machine (which goes to my six year old). Both get the work done, but have different feels. I actually do all my sewing on the Artist — even the quilting.

My artist is not a the top of the line device, but it is actually nice. It operates good and has most of the characteristics I need.