Newest Snap Shots Sewing 101: curved seams (clipping and notching) Thoughts

Every week I’ll have anything new to learn or a simple challenge to make.


(There will still be normal articles and lessons mixed in too.) The majority of the discussion and projects will involve applying sewing machines. There is a few hand sewing threads, but I’m going to be focusing mainly on sewing with a machine. You’ll know it’s part of the Sewing 101 Line since you’ll see this cool logo. (above)

Nowadays I’ll start off the series discussing something really basic:

Getting to know your sewing machine.
Every sewing device is different, nevertheless the same.

Consider it such as a car. You can get an applied one, an antique one, your simple design, the the surface of the range luxury product or anything in between – ideal for the family. Each of them enable you to get from A to N (I mean sew), but they likewise have various characteristics, prime rates, and feel various as you sew with them. And sure, just like a car, particular products are designed better than others.

That you do not desire a nice equipment to start. Something simple may work. Learn the thing you need and you can generally update later.

The two (working) sewing devices I have in my house are very basic. A Singer Confidence 7470 and a Janome Hello Kitty machine (which goes to my six year old). Equally get the job performed, but have different feels. I do every one of my sewing on the Performer — actually the quilting.

My singer is not really a the the top of line device, but it is actually nice. It operates good and has most of the characteristics I need.