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Weekly I’ll have something new to learn or an easy project to make.


(There it’s still regular threads and lessons blended in too.) The majority of the discussion and projects will involve using sewing machines. There is a few give sewing articles, but I will be focusing mostly on sewing with a machine. You’ll know it’s the main Sewing 101 Series since you’ll see that cool logo. (above)

Today I’ll start out the line discussing anything very fundamental:

Observing your sewing machine.
Every sewing device differs, nevertheless the same.

Consider it like a car. You may get a used one, an vintage one, your standard model, the top of the line luxurious model or something in between – great for the family. They all get you from A to N (I suggest sew), but they also have various functions, prime speeds, and sense different as you sew with them. And yes, just like a vehicle, specific models are made a lot better than others.

You don’t desire a fancy machine to start. Anything simple will work. Understand what you need and you are able to always update later.

The two (working) sewing devices I have in my house are extremely basic. A Performer Assurance 7470 and a Janome Hi Kitten unit (which belongs to my six year old). Both get the work performed, but have very different feels. I do all my sewing on the Performer — even the quilting.

My singer is not just a the the surface of the range device, but it is actually nice. It operates great and has all the functions I need.