Latest Free of Charge Shwin: Sewing 101: Shirt Sleeves Ideas

Each week I’ll have something new to understand or a straightforward challenge to make.


(There will still be normal threads and lessons blended in too.) A lot of the debate and projects calls for applying sewing machines. There would have been a several hand sewing posts, but I will be focusing mainly on sewing with a machine. You’ll know it’s the main Sewing 101 Collection because you’ll see that great logo. (above)

Today I’ll start out the collection speaking about anything very standard:

Getting to know your sewing machine.
Every sewing equipment is different, but the same.

Consider it like a car. You can get a used one, an traditional one, your simple product, the the top of point luxurious model or anything among – perfect for the family. They all get you from A to N (I mean sew), but they likewise have various characteristics, prime rates, and sense different as you sew with them. And yes, as being a vehicle, particular products are made better than others.

That you do not require a elegant unit to start. Anything simple can work. Learn things you need and you can generally update later.

The two (working) sewing products I have within my home are extremely basic. A Performer Self-confidence 7470 and a Janome Hi Kitten unit (which goes to my six year old). Both get the task performed, but have very different feels. I really do most of my sewing on the Singer — also the quilting.

My singer is not really a the the surface of the point equipment, but it is really nice. It performs good and has all of the features I need.