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I love Jeans ! And even more I love to sew my very own Jeans.


Next Jeans Sew Along I’m planning to disclose my qualified tips and Tips to assist you sew your own Jeans.

To begin with, what’s promising: we do not need professional equipment. With a normal household sewing machine, anyone can sew their own Jeans professionally.

During the sewing program I’ll provide all the work measures and necessary Product, give help for the cut adjustment and display how to sew the best Jeans Details.

When do you begin?
On Saturday, Nov 03, the Jeans Sew Along 2018 by sewing abilities basically starts! Within the next days we will sew Jeans together. If you are an experienced interest tailor or want to sew Jeans for the first time, together we shall grasp it.

Here, You’ll understand a great deal and preferably have plenty of fun. Sewing Jeans isn’t witchcraft. For around three years, the fever has gripped me, and nothing makes me happier than carrying my self-sewn Jeans.

Jeans Sew Along
Among my self-sewn Jeans with ornamental stitches, rivets and jeans button.
Sew Jeans your self with a totally free sewing class
The Sew Along can contain several Parts. Week after week it’s supplemented. In each part, I describe a topic in good detail. We examine, as an example, which denim materials are ideal, which Substance is needed for sewing and which Tips assistance with the processing.

What does the sewing course price?
The sewing program within my Blog is free! You will find number costs for you ?? and there isn’t to do whatever else if you want to participate. You have to participate.

As needs you don’t desire a sewing sample, material, some components and a sewing machine. But, it would be great if you curently have only a little sewing experience.

A related couple of Jeans !
It is going to be fascinating simply 2! Before we begin sewing we adjust the structure to your figure. Whether smooth buttocks or small bellies, we appropriate the match issues with pants. All improvements are not just valid for Jeans , but are suitable for all pants. So you understand a great deal for potential trouser projects.

Cut change shorts or pinches in the crotch
Match modify when the jeans pinch or hang.
With examples I display how exactly to evaluate a pattern properly and move all improvements into the cut.

In another elements we cut together, make all preparations and sew difficult Details like the zipper. The great Styling gets our Jeans with ornamental stitches and rivets.

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Just how do I reveal that I participate?
When you have a Blog, add our Brand to your sidebar. Then everything can see that you’re there with Jeans Sew Along.

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