Fantastic Snap Shots Sewing Tutorials #HomeDecor Concepts

Each week I’ll have something new to master or an easy project to make.


(There will still be usual articles and guides combined in too.) All the conversation and tasks calls for applying sewing machines. There will be a few give sewing articles, but I will be focusing primarily on sewing with a machine. You’ll know it’s part of the Sewing 101 Collection because you’ll see this great logo. (above)

Today I’ll begin the collection discussing something really standard:

Observing your sewing machine.
Every sewing device is different, however the same.

Think of it just like a car. You can get an applied one, an traditional one, your basic model, the the top of range luxurious design or something among – perfect for the family. Each of them allow you to get from A to W (I mean sew), but there is also various features, top speeds, and experience different as you sew with them. And sure, being a car, particular models are built a lot better than others.

You do not need a elegant device to start. Something easy will work. Learn what you need and you can generally upgrade later.

Both (working) sewing devices I’ve in my own house are very basic. A Performer Assurance 7470 and a Janome Hi Pet equipment (which belongs to my six year old). Both get the job performed, but have completely different feels. I actually do all my sewing on the Performer — even the quilting.

My performer is not a the the top of line device, but it is actually nice. It works good and has all the features I need.