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Each week I’ll have something new to understand or a simple challenge to make.


(There it’s still regular articles and tutorials combined in too.) All of the discussion and jobs will involve using sewing machines. There will be a several give sewing threads, but I’m going to be concentrating mostly on sewing with a machine. You’ll know it’s part of the Sewing 101 Series since you’ll see that cool logo. (above)

Today I’ll start out the line referring to something very standard:

Learning your sewing machine.
Every sewing device differs, but the same.

Consider it such as a car. You can get a used one, an traditional one, your basic model, the the surface of the line luxurious design or something in between – great for the family. All of them get you from A to T (I suggest sew), but there is also different characteristics, prime speeds, and sense various as you sew with them. And yes, as being a car, specific machines are built a lot better than others.

You don’t need a fancy equipment to start. Anything easy can work. Understand what you need and you are able to generally upgrade later.

The two (working) sewing products I’ve in my own house are very basic. A Performer Self-confidence 7470 and a Janome Hello Pet equipment (which goes to my six year old). Equally get the job done, but have very different feels. I actually do each of my sewing on the Performer — actually the quilting.

My artist is not really a the the top of line equipment, but it’s actually nice. It operates good and has all the features I need.