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Every week I’ll have something new to understand or a simple project to make.


(There will still be normal threads and tutorials blended in too.) All the debate and jobs will involve using sewing machines. There is a several give sewing posts, but I’ll be focusing mostly on sewing with a machine. You’ll know it’s area of the Sewing 101 Line since you’ll see this cool logo. (above)

Nowadays I’ll start off the line referring to anything really fundamental:

Learning your sewing machine.
Every sewing unit is different, but the same.

Consider it such as a car. You will get an applied one, an vintage one, your fundamental model, the the surface of the range luxurious model or something in between – ideal for the family. Each of them allow you to get from A to T (I suggest sew), but there is also various characteristics, top speeds, and sense different as you sew with them. And yes, just like a car, certain machines are built much better than others.

You don’t desire a fancy unit to start. Something simple can work. Understand things you need and you can generally upgrade later.

The two (working) sewing products I have in my home are very basic. A Artist Assurance 7470 and a Janome Hi Kitten equipment (which belongs to my six year old). Both get the task performed, but have completely different feels. I really do most of my sewing on the Performer — actually the quilting.

My performer is not a the top of the point equipment, but it is actually nice. It performs great and has most of the functions I need.