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Weekly I’ll have something new to master or a simple challenge to make.


(There will still be normal threads and tutorials mixed in too.) The majority of the discussion and projects will involve applying sewing machines. There would have been a several hand sewing threads, but I’ll be focusing largely on sewing with a machine. You’ll know it’s area of the Sewing 101 Collection since you’ll see this cool logo. (above)

Today I’ll start out the series discussing anything very standard:

Getting to know your sewing machine.
Every sewing device is different, but the same.

Consider it like a car. You can get an applied one, an classic one, your basic design, the top of the range luxury model or something among – ideal for the family. They all get you from A to T (I suggest sew), but they also have different features, top rates, and sense different as you sew with them. And sure, being a car, particular machines are built a lot better than others.

That you do not desire a nice unit to start. Something simple can work. Understand what you need and you are able to always update later.

Both (working) sewing machines I have within my house are extremely basic. A Artist Confidence 7470 and a Janome Hi Pet machine (which goes to my six year old). Both get the task performed, but have very different feels. I do all my sewing on the Artist — even the quilting.

My performer is not a the the top of point device, but it’s actually nice. It works good and has all of the features I need.