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Every week I’ll have something new to understand or a simple project to make.


(There will still be regular posts and courses mixed in too.) All of the debate and projects will involve using sewing machines. There will be a several hand sewing articles, but I will be concentrating primarily on sewing with a machine. You’ll know it’s the main Sewing 101 Line since you’ll see that cool logo. (above)

Nowadays I’ll start out the series discussing something very simple:

Learning your sewing machine.
Every sewing equipment is different, but the same.

Think of it such as for instance a car. You will get a used one, an traditional one, your fundamental design, the the surface of the line luxurious product or something in between – ideal for the family. Each of them get you from A to B (I suggest sew), but there is also various functions, top rates, and sense various as you sew with them. And sure, being a vehicle, particular models are designed better than others.

You never desire a nice unit to start. Anything easy can work. Learn the thing you need and you can generally update later.

Both (working) sewing products I have in my house are extremely basic. A Performer Assurance 7470 and a Janome Hello Pet equipment (which belongs to my six year old). Equally get the task done, but have different feels. I actually do most of my sewing on the Performer — even the quilting.

My artist is not a the the top of point device, but it is really nice. It performs great and has all of the features I need.